New parody idea? Me: bowling, comic book stores, movies, goth and industrial nights Friend: np. What are industrial nights? Me: its where people go to listen to industrial music and dance. Friend: Oh!!!! I thiought it was a place where cranes and bulldozers go to hang out Me: LOL Me: you would say that too haha Friend: hey hey hey Friend: it could be a thing Me: sounds like a bad version of Bob the Builder Me: lol Friend: Breaking Bob Me: LOL Friend: Can he fix you. Meth he can Friend: this sounds like a great parody Me: LOLOL that totally would be
It’s been almost a year since I’ve messed with Tumblr. Can’t say I’ve missed it, but I’m bored. haha
Yay for the weekends! :)
TARDIS blue nailpolish with black cracle….
Reminds me of the exploding tardis in Van gogh’s painting on Doctor Who :D
Thursday tease…
Much better pic. of my hat :)
New hat is too bright to take a proper pic. of lol
Kenzie wlaking Billy to school this morning. :)